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Register (on this page) for a live in-person data science bootcamp taught by Ted Petrou in your city when you purchase the Complete Master Data Analysis with Python Bundle ($100).

Bootcamp Dates

  • May 13-17, 2019, Houston, TX (7625 Katy Fwy)
  • September - Toronto
  • October - Houston
  • More cities coming soon!

Rules for the offer

  • Purchase the bundle
  • Complete a precourse assignment on python and pandas
  • At most 3 people may attend per employer
  • Bootcamps will between 2 and 5 days long, 9am - 5pm


Course Overview

The major course objective is to build a foundation for doing data science using the python programming language. By the end of the course, you'll have a powerful set of tools necessary to create a comprehensive data analysis from nearly any dataset.

Expert Instructor

This course is taught by Ted Petrou, an expert at data exploration and machine learning using python. He is the author of Master Data Analysis with Python, Exercise Python, and Pandas Cookbook. Ted is extremely adept at using pandas and excels at developing best practices on how to use the library.

Target Student

This course is targeted for those that are beginning their data science journey in python. For those that are new to python, a long precourse assignment is available to teach all the necessary fundamentals before the start of the course.


Day 1: Essential Pandas Commands

Day 2: Grouping Data

Day 3: Tidy Data

Day 4: Time Series and Regular Expressions

Day 5: Exploratory Data Analysis

Note that a different syllabus will be used if the bootcamp is less than 5 days.

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